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Alejandro Sanz, Spain

I read an article about LP Mehtod and I registered immediately. I found it different from all other courses with its fun and different approach. It’s just like a game and the only problem I have is that sometimes I don’t want to go online because I get hooked and I just want to go on and on. In a nutshell, it has it all. My online teacher, Ava Maria, is a great teacher and a great person.

Yamile Triana, Colombia

For me, the best part of LP Method is reaching the zero error level on the exercises. At first I thought getting 25 out of 25 questions correct, three times in a row was an impossible task. I just didn’t think I was capable. However, I have been able to do it on several occasions. It’s given me a lot of confidence since my brain is literally trained to make the right combinations at the right part of the phrase. This method was well thought out.

Fábio Rocha, Spain

I work for a world famous soft drink company in Madrid. I could speak English quite well, but even so, my boss told me I had to improve my level quickly or I would lose my chance of promotion. I had all the other requirements necessary for the position I wanted, but I became desperate, as it was impossible for me to attend regular classes at a school with my busy agenda. I started looking for a course online and I found LP Method. It’s been a great help and now I’m warehouse manager.

Angelica Lobato Antonio, Mexico

I’ve spent many years starting English courses, but I’ve never completed one due to my busy schedule. I have to work during the day, and when I get home I have my 4 children to take care of. Then to my surprise, I found LP Method. It’s a great method not only for the way it treats the student and its interesting content but also because I can combine it with my busy schedule I can do a little of it at work, a little at lunch time, and at home after putting the kids to bed. I don’t spend more than 15 minutes per session and the truth is I am delighted with my progress.

Eva Ramirez, Spain

I’m a receptionist at a hotel in the heart of Seville, and have a lot of guests who speak English. I need to improve my English to better serve them. I had taken several English courses in language schools, but none of them had ever convinced me. Then, a friend told me about a course on internet. Well, LP Method is a different thing all together. The progress I’ve made in only 6 months is really incredible. And the best part is that I can do it from home at my own pace. It’s great!

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